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Aerial photography of Great Smoky Mountains, NC-TN

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for your investigation on this.

I am interested in purchasing the aerial indexes.


Is there an earlier aerial photo index for 1933 – 1943 photos?

The reason I ask is I am not interested in "complete" aerial coverage from the 1950s –

This is because I wish to obtain the earliest images possible (1933 – 1943), which as you likely discovered are not comprehensive.

For example I know Blount and Sevier County in Tennessee have early series photos from the 30s and 40s, but I don’t think Cocke County does.

So, I would not want to buy the 4 sheets for Cocke County since I know there are no photos available.

Can you price me for the index of the 8 sheets from Blount and Sevier County?

If I learn that the N.C. Counties have earlier survey photos than the 50s – is the price pretty much set (1 sheet increases cost by 1 unit of fee) that I can extrapolate the cost, or would I need a new estimate from you?

I’m a student so I have the time to travel to Maryland – just need to determine if it’d be more cost effective for me to order the indexes rather than drive or take a bus up.



NARA Response: Request for erial photography of Great Smoky Mountains, NC-TN

From: Daryl Bottoms <daryl.bottoms at>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:06 PM
To: Jessel, Tanner Monroe
Subject: Aerial photography of Great Smoky Mountains, NC-TN

August 22, 2013

Reply to: NWCS2013M1230/db


Dear Mr. Jessel:

This is in reply to your e-mail request of August 12, regarding aerial photography of the Great Smoky Mountains. The request was received in this office on August 13.

The area of coverage that you are requesting is so large that we would encourage you to visit our research room in College Park, Maryland in person or send a professional researcher to pursue this research for you. If that is impractical, we can provide you with copies of graphic aerial indexes (for a price) for the five counties, from which you can select image citations to order reproductions of the aerial images. Below is the information necessary to order reproductions of the graphic indexes which provide complete aerial coverage of the five counties:

RG 114: Aer. Indx., NC – Haywood Co., 1953. (4 sheets, each 20 by 24-inches)
RG 114: Aer. Indx., NC – Swain Co., 1951. (6 sheets, each 20 by 24-inches)
RG 114: Aer. Indx., TN – Blount Co., 1953. (4 sheets, each 20 by 24-inches)
RG 114: Aer. Indx., TN – Cocke Co., 1953. (4 sheets, each 20 by 24-inches)
RG 114: Aer. Indx., TN – Sevier Co., 1953. (4 sheets, each 20 by 24-inches)

Reproduction of records from the holdings of the Cartographic Section of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will be available only through the private vendors identified below. You must contact them to determine their charges. If you decide to purchase reproductions of these records, please make arrangements directly with the vendors that you choose. All questions arising during the ordering process should be addressed to the vendor that you selected.

The following vendors maintain reproduction workstations in the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, where still photographs, aerial film, maps, and drawings are stored.


1920 Daisy Road, Woodbine, Maryland 21797-8410

Public Orders: 800-499-7468; Customer Service: 301-854-5135

Fax: 301-854-5136

E-Mail: DoubDelta at



14827 Old Frederick Road, Woodbine, Maryland 21797-8615

Public Orders: 410-442-1060 – Toll Free: 1-800-418-8344

Fax: 410-442-5830

E-Mail: doyou at


10010 Renfrew Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Public Orders: 301-927-7177 – Toll Free: 1-800-226-0177

Fax: 301-927-5013

E-Mail: nasccinfo at



Cartographic Section
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

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Knoxville REI “Flagship Presence” Proposed for Standard Knitting Mill Site

Here is an e-mail I sent to REI – South retail director Gail Kirkland.  The original e-mail contained hyperlinks – I’ve added a few here as well.  Also – I quoted 20 miles as the total mileage for the Urban Wilderness.  I was wrong – it’s over 40 miles of trail just outside downtown Knoxville.

From: Tanner Jessel
Date: Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Re: Knoxville location
To: Gail Kirkland
Cc: Madeline Rogero, Nick Della Volpe

Hello Gail,

Thanks for taking the time to write on a weekend.

I realize you are busy so I appreciate it.

I’m a fan of spatial data analysis so I appreciate your reasons for choosing Papermill Plaza. But I think Knoxville is a place that has some other variables at play that may not have appeared in your analysis – and I’d appreciate your considering an idea I had for REI.

The reason I wanted to talk to you is I admire REI for restoring historic properties like the Old Mill in Bend Oregon and Traction Powerhouse in Denver.

I think a similar opportunity exists in Knoxville at the former Standard Knitting Mill – a historic textile mill built in the 40s that earned Knoxville the title “the underwear capital of the world.”

Today, Knoxville’s trying to establish itself as an outdoor recreation mecca with urban trails and corridors including an “urban wildernesss“- a network of trails totaling 20 miles on 1,000 acres just across the river from downtown.

Apart from being a 10 minute drive further east for the lucrative West Knoxville market, the knitting mill has the characteristics of Papermill Plaza – plus some unique features you may not have considered.

First, it’s on the way to the Smokies for most residents of all points West headed there. Second, it’s 20 minutes west from Bass Pro Shops and exit 407 in Sevierville. It’s easily integrated into the existing downtown Knoxville shopping scene via a free trolley system – perhaps an “Outdoor Adventure Express” linking the location to Knoxville’s Waterfront. It’s right on the greenway and creek that could one day be a blueway. It’s a short hop from the “Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center” and University of Tennessee campus – also served by the free trolley system.

It’s big, highly visible off the interstate with two nearby interchanges, and has some development incentives as it’s in an “empowerment zone” with available tax increment financing.

It’s so big (over 400,000 square feet), you could have an indoor whitewater kayak circuit for people to test out equipment. So big you could install an indoor mountain bike course for teaching and trying out equipment, or synthetic ski slopes or climbing walls. Think of the U.S. National Whitewater Center (albeit on a smaller scale) and the mountain biking trails around the Denver store.

I know a big part of REI’s mission is education. I also know for REI and other outfitters to continue doing business – you need to engage young people and create a culture of outdoor enthusiasm to drive purchases of outdoor gear. At this space I’m suggesting for you, you have the room and amenities (greenway, urban wilderness, creek) to do a great outreach – plus the opportunity to lure visitors from exit 407 and serve as a launching point for Smokies excursions, or even guided trips into the Urban Wilderness.

Knoxville is pushing hard for this “outdoor adventure” identity and I think that local policy makers would want to support you on an idea like this. It’d just take a brand like REI to make it possible.

In conclusion I’d really like you to look at making something more than a retail experience in Knoxville- please look at making a retail destination – a regional landmark that draws people in to both the store and the outdoor lifestyle. Bass Pro shops is a real “pro” at that – their store at Exit 407 20 minutes east of Knoxville has an aquarium with indoor waterfall. I know that’s not exactly REI’s style, but you have an opportunity here to make something that is a regional destination, aligned with the City’s aspirations to be a regional outdoor recreation destination.

Thanks for hearing me out. I respect that you’re locked into a lease, but if the store does well and you’re open to having a “flagship” presence in the Knoxville area similar to your Denver “flagship” store, I believe the local membership and community would wholeheartedly – and I’ll even venture to guess financially via incentives or perhaps partnerships – support you.

I’m CC’ing Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and 4th District City Councilman Nick Della Volpe on this suggestion. They are familiar with me from my work on the Greenways Commission.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,


Greenways Commission Agenda, February 2013

City of Knoxville Greenways Commission Meeting Agenda for February 2013.

2013-02-12 Agenda.docx

Search results from have been sent to you


I am interested in obtaining aerial photography of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The specific USGS quadrangles I am interested in are as follows:

Great Smoky Mountains Nationl Parks: Quadrangle Maps List Source: Source:
Bryson City USGS hist_quads-Bryson-City-NC NC
Bunches Bald USGS hist_quads-Bunches-Bald-NC NC
Clingman’s Dome,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Clingmans-Dome-TN TN
Cove Creek Gap USGS hist_quads-Cove-Creek-Gap-NC NC
Dellwood USGS hist_quads-Dellwood-NC NC
Fontana Dam USGS hist_quads-Fontana-Dam-NC NC
Luftee Knob,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Luftee-Knob-NC NC
Noland Creek USGS hist_quads-Noland-Creek-NC NC
Silers Bald,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Silers-Bald-NC NC
Smokemont,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Smokemont-NC NC
Tapoco USGS hist_quads-Wear-Cove-TN TN
Thunderhead Mountain,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Wear-Cove-TN TN
Tuskeegee USGS hist_quads-Smokemont-NC NC
Whittier USGS hist_quads-Whittier-NC NC
Blockhouse USGS hist_quads-Blockhouse-TN TN
Cades Cove USGS hist_quads-Cades-Cove-TN TN
Calderwood USGS hist_quads-Calderwood-TN TN
Gatlinburg USGS hist_quads-Gatlinburg-TN TN
Hartford USGS hist_quads-Hartford-TN TN
Jones Cove USGS hist_quads-Jones-Cove-TN TN
Kinzel Springs USGS hist_quads-Kinzel-Springs-TN TN
Mount Guyot,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Mount-Guyot-TN TN
Mount le Conte,+1964&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Mount-le-Conte-TN TN
Richardson USGS hist_quads-Richardson-TN TN
Waterville,+1940&style=gmd&legend= USGS hist_quads-Waterville-TN TN
Wear Cove USGS hist_quads-Wear-Cove-TN TN

Also depicted here:

Below is the record I am interested in:

ARC Identifier 305868 / Local Identifier 142-AERIALFILM
Photographs and other Graphic Materials from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Resource Group. (? – ?)
National Archives at College Park – Cartographic, College Park, MD
Series from Record Group 142: Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 – 2000

How much would obtaining these materials cost?

Would I be able to minimize the cost by conducting the research and needed digitization in person?


Smokies Land Use History Project

From: Jessel, Tanner Monroe
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 2:39 PM
To: Langley, Jessica Renee
Subject: RE: geog411-sp2013merged: Smokies Land Use History Project

Hey there!

Great I was worried no one would be interested in my project idea.

You are the first person who has contacted me about it – so for now it is you and me.

If we do a good job, I think this will be something good to put on a resume related to wildlife.

Part of why I am pursuing this idea is I am coordinating with the National Park Service as a Park volunteer. I met with a retired park biologist who gave me this idea and I will likely go up to the park again to obtain some data from their GIS guy and other staff members up in Gatlinburg.

So far, all I have done is identified the specific USGS topographic maps – there are 23 quadrangles that cover the Park.

As I mentioned I think it would be best to look at a Quadrangle with a well-understood history of human impacts. A Quadrangle the retired biologist suggested was Greenbrier, but unfortunately the most recent historical map available is from 1964. So, another Quadrangle might be better. I downloaded data on all 23 Quadrangles showing what date each historical map is, but have not yet taken the time to find the "Sweet spot" of historical settlement AND early map date. The earliest maps produced with more modern methods are from about 1936. The best date is about 1943 – the maps seem to be a good mix of early data but more modern techniques.

Are you familiar with the Great Smoky Mountains?

I am sending you a graphic and a spreadsheet with links to the historical downloads for each park.

Do you use Google Documents at all?

I am thinking about ways for us to share and update things easily other than e-mail.

I think the first step will be to take the data I got on maps and times from the USGS, and see if we can piece together maps based on time. Might do that with a powerpoint slide and the "GSMGRID" file I sent you.


GRSM Quadrangles.xlsx