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Parkridge Barber Home House Tour 2013

I enjoyed seeing the handmade signs and details Lynne researched.

I felt somewhat guilty banging on the beautifully crafted sign posts with a sledgehammer.

I want to suggest an idea for the group to consider.

The idea is to have permanent walking tour markers indicating the historic Barber homes that would be visible year-round.

As a fan of history and technology enthusiast, personally I’d like to see some basic info on the permanent signs accompanied by a QR (Quick Reader) code linked to a more detailed online (perhaps blog) entry for each home. If you’ve been to Mead’s Quarry at Ijams, this is a way it’s done. More on the topic here:

From a conference for wildlife agencies I attended a while ago, I know of a company in New York that prints custom signs for outdoor use on a variety of materials including aluminum, plastic of various gauges, and even self-adhesive reflective colors.

I have some samples at my house if anyone would like to see them, but the best place to see the products is on their site:

I don’t know what it might cost, it would depend on the materials and design.

I know the neighborhood has always wanted nice banners – perhaps someday we can DIY some screen-printed banners.

For now however, I think this would be an easy, economical way to communicate the historic character and sense of community to the entire neighborhood.

I was also wondering if there were grants to fund something like this:

I found this page:

Perhaps there is something that could be applied for.


Question about goats in public parks

From: Jessel, Tanner Monroe
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2013 2:50 PM
To: dbrace at
Subject: Question about goats in public parks

Hi David,

We’ve met from work on the Greenways Commission.

My community (Parkridge) is working on another Challenge Grant proposal similar to the one that funded the First Creek Greenway Underpass Mural Project which you helped us out on with prep work / pressure washing.

The group wants to try for another Parks and Rec Challenge grant this year.

I pitched the idea of clearing out invasives to replace with native plants at Parkridge Community Park.

From some news articles and the MPC ordinance change back in May 2010, I figured it would be fine to propose money be raised to hire goats to clear privet and other invasives.

But one line in a news article I read concerned me:

" the ordinance gives the city sole authority to use goats for kudzu control."

What do you think about this scenario – would it be acceptable for a community organization to raise funds for goat work on city property? Technically the funds would come from the city (via the challenge grant), but only after the project was complete.

If you do think it’s acceptable for a community organization to fund goat work it might be helpful to have a letter of support to submit with our proposal to make it clear to Parks and Rec department that Public Works is on board with goats as a viable option for invasives removal on Parks and Rec property.