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Identifying Library & Information Science Graduate Student Competencies

Hi Dr. Mehra,

I read in the latest issue of Interface with interest:

His article co-authored with Dr. Vandana Singh entitled “Strengths and weaknesses of the information technology curriculum in library and information science graduate programs” has been published in the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 45(3).

The idea of matching course content with employer expectations has interested me since starting at SIS.

Personally I have taken a variety of courses outside SIS / CCI to develop the skillset I need for my own career goal as a professional data manager working with environmental data.

In reading your paper, I was particularly interested in your methods concerning the WebJunction competencies available online at <>.

For future research, I would like to suggest collecting job descriptions from job listings to synthesize employer expectations, as opposed to lists of competencies put together by any single organization. I’ve noticed job listings often have "required" and "desirable" qualifications.

My guess is this approach would yield an interdisciplinary, "state of the art" view expanding on WebJunction’s competencies focused on libraries. This approach might also impact your final recommendations, which I was disappointed to see did not include computer programming proficiency. Programming and data visualization skills frequently appear in job listings for my specific realm of interest, which is one reason I and two other SIS students in my cohort are taking "Introduction to Programming for Scientists and Engineers" in the College of Engineering in the Spring 2014 Semester, along with free online courses in programming. I do not believe that computer programming skills for data management tasks like quality assurance / quality control are skills that can presently be acquired through SIS or CCI coursework, which poses a problem for accumulating skills for the workplace while also accumulating credits towards the major.

Expanding on the e-portfolio concept, I recently began a tumblr blog to capture job listings that interest me. Along with tips on developing IT skills, I cut out the "qualifications" section for jobs I can imagine myself enjoying. This keeps me focused on developing the skills I need for work I would enjoy. The result is my "Data Pro" tumblr:

You might be able to do something similar (collect and analyze minimal / desired qualifications) for job listings from sources like,, or other appropriate job boards. I think this approach would be particularly valuable for building curriculum pertaining to information management for STEM fields.

Anyway I am glad you and Dr. Singh are looking at this issue in LIS education. I hope your research will help SIS continue to develop curriculum that keeps pace with what prospective employers need.



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R 2 R Full-day Workshop

UTK Workshop Management System

Tanner Monroe Jessel,This email confirms your registration for the following workshop:R 2 R Full-day Workshop – R is a free, powerful, and readily extensible platform for statistical computing and graphics that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Its capabilities and user-base are growing exponentially, and you can now run R from within other statistical packages, including SAS, SPSS and Statistica. This workshop will introduce you to several graphical user interfaces to R and its programming language. We will spend most of the day hands-on, working through programming examples. When finished, you will be able to use R to import data, manage and transform it, create publication quality graphics, perform basic statistical analyses and know how to generalize that knowledge to more advanced methods. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of statisticsDate: 04/28/14Time: 8:00am – 5:00pmLocation: tbaInstructor: Bob Muenchen

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Jurassic Parkridge T-Shirt Idea

I love David’s dinosaur idea. We do have some graffiti dinosaurs in the neighborhood. It could poke fun at the unjustified fear of East Knoxville – "Jurassic Parkridge" on the front with a dinosaur on the front and "It’s a jungle out there" on the back.