Odd Assortment of (City?) Property Obstructing Greenway

Hi Lori,

I have a photo on my camera from August 24, 2014 depicting a collection of construction equipment under the I-40 overpass at Sixth Avenue.

Last night (November 10) I took another photo of the same equipment still there.

I have no idea why it is there, or who put it there.

But, I wanted to message you to see if you could look into this and (hopefully) get the equipment removed.

There are some photos of loose gravel at the entrance to the greenway – can Parks and Rec do anything about that or should I submit a request to 311 to take care of that?

I have some other photos of "things obstructing greenways" which has been a problem in this area, along with World’s Fair Park, which I’ve mentioned to you before. When KUB contractors parked Semi trucks on the greenway, it sank the asphalt and now water pools there in the depression when it rains. I believe city crews also left "Road Closed" signs on the greenway when working on the bridge. Thankfully, the city came out between August and now to remove the Kudzu overgrowing the greenway, but there were a couple of months where there was simply a footpath through the vines.

Chris and Brian, this reminds me for our meeting in December I’d like to propose a new "recommendation" from the Greenways Board stating that "the primacy of the greenways as an alternative transportation infrastructure should be inviolable" or something along those lines.

My hope is this would make the statement / take the position that city crews or utility contractors parking equipment, leaving items, closing or otherwise obstructing greenways is unacceptable.

Can I ask how I should go about introduce something like this for the commission to consider at our December meeting?





About Tanner Jessel

I am a recent M.S. in Information Science graduate from the University of Tennessee School of Information Science. I was formerly a graduate research assistant funded by DataONE (Data Observation Network for Earth). Prior, I worked for four years as a content lead and biodiversity scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey's Biodiversity Informatics Program. Building on my work experience in biodiversity and environmental informatics, my work with DataONE focused on exploring the nature of scientific collaborations necessary for scientific inquiry. I also conducted research concerning user experience and usability, and assisted in development of member nodes with an emphasis on spatial data and infrastructure. I assisted with research designed to understand sociocultural issues within collaborative research communities. Through August 1, 2014, I was based at the Center for Information and Communication Studies at the University of Tennessee School of Information Science in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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