Sept 12 2012: Parks and Recreation Challenge Grant – Interest from Parkridge Neighborhood

From: Jessel, Tanner Monroe
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 9:16 PM
To: hiwarch
Subject: RE: Parks and Recreation Challenge Grant – Interest from Parkridge Neighborhood

Hi lynne,

Here are notes, unedited – will try and make sense of them here in a bit.

6th Avenue Mural Meeting

September 13, 7 PM


Project to Date

Underpass art emerged as conversation
Interest in the idea
We found out that city parks and rec is offering grant money for projects that enhance their facilities.
Since that’s our greenway access, we wondered if they would be amenable to a mural or public art since that’s the access

Made appointment with Valerie Upton
Asked her if this would be an appropriate project
She had gone to talk to superiors – Jo Walsh, Greenways Coordinator – they thought it was a good idea. Next step is the application process.
Reimbursement grants.
Maximum amount that you can get is $2500.
Match is a difficult thing to negotiate – you don’t get their $2,500 until you’ve personally spent $5,000 Our match does not have to be cash – it can be donations, people’s time. We would need to keep records on people’s time.
Application has to come through a not-for-profit agency.

Angie helped. Community design center said they would be the non-profit agency.
They would do the book-keeping and keep all the financial stuff with the city to get the money back, should we get the grant.
The grant application is due on monday and we won’t know until 10-17 until we get the grant.
David Watson – center for community design. Also have some expertise that can help us – they also have just painted a wall that belongs to TDOT at the Blount Mansion – so they have some experience with that.

That brings us to some of the project logistics.

First, the underpass does belong to TDOT and we would need their permission to paint it.

Valerie uptown said they would help us.
CDC has worked, if that was a delay for the project, they would actually give us an extenuation as that is beyond our control in getting TDOT to work with us.

We have also found on various Web sites, on how to do this. In fact they have gotten TDOT to pay for them – there are several historic neighborhoods in Memphis.

Turtned into gateways for the neighborhoods.

In Soulsville, they have painted for the famous musicians.

There is another neighborhood simply with beautiful designs.

One of the things that we learned is that in Memphis, public art in the underpasses reduces the trash and the grafitti, as it creates something that people can be proud of.

Difference in Nashville – Freedom Riders – where someone vandalizes to make the figures look like space aliens.

There is a treatment, a coating for the murals, that prevents vandalizing.

What do we know so far?

ONe thing the parks seemed to like is the idea of having a competition.

PCO has already offered up $250 towards the prize, Lynne is thinking this should be at least $500.

How to set up a committee to make a decision on that.
That would have to be hard cash to come up with; obviously the artist needs to be paid.

The idea that’s been floated around is to get volunteers to to the actual painting – it is possible to project the design onto the underpass.

Ideas about getting the paint donated.

David has a huge old paint projector.

Like ideas about contest, having volunteers painted.

Where do we start.

Application is the first thing.

This is not like writing grants for national science foundation.

Having project pretty well sketched out.

One side – for old north knox.

One side – for park ridge.

Don’t use all of the space at once.

Break it up into vertical columns as specific elements.

Do we know what kind of paint is required?

Is this home depot lowes type of paint?

Lowes has been involved in some type of projects?

Specific money set aside for neighborhood projects.

Graning Paint
Sherwin Williams

Who can put together the list of paint companies.

Need someone to wash off the dirt and grime first, put a base coat as a sealer.

Has anyone measured the

Contact TDOT to ask exactly how much paint – or measure ourselves. Estimate.

Do dimensions on picture – photoshop them in.

Calvin Chappelle – hooked into the arts and culture alliance – help us get the world out to the 250 artists on the mailing list.

There has to be a “first prize”
What about a committee.

Art Alliance
Voices from the neighborhood – more important than anything – important for the neighborhood. A second part of this in the volunteers, maybe getting them involved. UTK
City / County
– Angela has a detailed list.

in terms of a committee to get people involved.

Everyone’s vote counts as one. Maybe the neighborhood had three votes.

They will be larger pieces of art.

Have a first friday exhibit, Beck Cultural Center

Church right in the neighborhood. Used to have neighborhood watch meetings in the basement.

Magpies is big in First Friday. In side area they do a spotlight on a business.

Would it have to be at one place? Could to the Y, could do first friday.

We will have a public competition.

Large piece as an example?

How would we submit?

A committee would have to come up with specifications for design standards – simple, so it is easy to paint.

If we get a grant, then we form a committee to run the competition.

The next thing is: how does it actually get done.

Old Opaque projection. used for a few things. Basically closed down the street one evening, had a big party, with a projection.

Probably can scourge one up at UT.

Scaffolding? Cherry Picker?

8 or 10 foot tall somewhat limits what we can paint.

Knox – Tenn rentals. Perhaps get rental of cherry picker, scaffolding, etc.

Idea of volunteers to paint. Involving some inner-city kids with the painting.

If we get all of this done with volunteers and donated materials, which we kind of have to get it done on the own, without reimbursement, if we worked with Tribe One to do some of the painting, could we give this as a donation for their help. Trying to finesse the “how do we get it all done with no money, in order to get the money. Think we can get the donation for the artist’s prize, then wait for the reimbursement. Get it all done except for putting the protective coating, then use the reimbursement for the projective coating.

That money could then go to Tribe 1.

Sell the studies?

Would have to put that into the design request. Would have to become the property of ParkRidge Community Organization.

Artist gets to keep half if auctioned.

What about the high schools too – in this neighborhood. Some interest in this. Getting kids to do the painting but not so much the design. Might help end the vandalism if the students painted it actually.

Two financed in the old city. Knoxville characters.

Could we do the voting and a silent auction at the same time and also bid on the studies.

Part of the idea of these grants is to help get these things to happen – it’s a challenge – if we are offered the money it gives us more credibility to go to the schools.

If we go to the schools we can say we have this grant and have some credibility.

Would the SEED group be involved in the painting?

What are some groups that we can involve?

Come up with the detailed cost estimate – how much paint do we need and what is the cost per Gallon.

get an estimate for the scaffolding and ladders and what not, that would also be a part of the cost.

We would also have to guesstimate the labor involved.

How detailed might it be?

Would it cost more than painting a victorian house?

Estimate a nice round neighborhood like 500 hours or 1000 hours – a paint based artist?

Murals and More
Antionette knows a muralist
Art teacher at one of the schools

We’ll come up with something – have to have the total at least 5,000 Half of it will be at least labor.

Supplies themselves, brushes, rollers,

Sense of community from roller.

Ropes for navigating the slopes? (Are Climbing up a 45 degree angle.

Doing fund and material raising over the winter, and then do the painting in the spring.

Can the grant money go towards the neighborhood unveiling?

Street party?

Everyone walks down together, celebration?

Block party, totally block off the streets.

The project could snowball. If it turns out to be a positive experience, we might have more projects done in the future – probably do a better job the second time around.

This grant would probably not be able to apply the whole way – if we had tons of interest, do the little section by the stop sign at the end of washington. Best “Welcome to Parkridge”

Who will benefit?

Bicycle Communities
Dog Owners
High School Community Students
Beverage Containers
General Beautification
Community Revival
Source of Neighborhood Pride.
All users of the greenway
North Half, South Half, not holding our breath on that.
Queried the parks and rec people

Business owners at the new standard knitting mill
users at the conner center and the Y.


TDOT might put a light under there – could light up the public art, increase safety. (Solar power).

IMprovements in lighting.

People in memphis go to see the SOulsville
Do a mural trail in KNoxville, a “Barn Quilt” they have a memphis murals tour.

Visit Knoxville People – new name of the sports and tourism corporation.

Evil thought: would TDOT insist on approving the art.

Did they approve it in the prior cases? A way to do it – to find out before announcing the winner of the contest. Before we announce the winner we would have to run it by them.

Any approval on their part “This is not obscene, tasteful stuff.”

What sort of elements would we really like to see.
George Barber
Standard Knitting Mill
Street Cars

List of elements that need to be incorporated – corner right there was a grocery store, barber shop, a few other things spread on the corner.

Maybe ParkRidge is not an “old” neighborhood, maybe an amalgam to the historical neighborhoods that made up park ridge, park city.

Sense of place – continuity between generations.

Not just a George Barber neighborhood – element of humor into it too can be valuable.

Would be nice to include the black community of the neighborhood in the mural.

Might be good to go around and ask people.

Calvin was supposed to come tonight – he is kind of an artsy guy – we need to seek more representation from the African American community in the neighborhood.

We have this church and a couple down by the railroad tracks.

Are they members of the neighborhood? Majority who were members used to live here but they moved out. Where do people in the neighborhood go to church? One on the corner of glenwood and washington – they seem to have a lot more community involvement – street parties. Used to have a lot more members in the neighborhood.

any kind of focusing function like a church where the neighborhood goes?

Other neighborhood groups still in existence? Pockets of neighborhood watch. one up on woodbine. Church on woodbine – especially kids – afterschool program with some adults.

Outreach committee – make sure that the word gets out about involvement and inclusiveness.

Bigger point of the regeneration of the neighborhood organization happening at the same time as the re-development of the standard knitting mill.

Application Process

Application Needs



Completion Date?

Detailed Cost


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