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Mural being donated, location sought

Hi Valerie,

Just curious if you think you’d be able to help out with this, or if there’s somebody else I should bug about it?

The first mural installation for this project is up in Sandpoint, Idaho. Looks great, doesn’t it?

The news release doesn’t yet mention Knoxville as a planned project because we don’t have a commitment for an installation site yet.

Can you let me know if you think Parks & Rec can help out with securing an installation site, or if you have ideas for who else to talk to?



Tanner M. Jessel
Information Technology Specialist
Center for Renewable Carbon

The University of Tennessee
Institute of Agriculture
Center for Renewable Carbon
Mail: 2506 Jacob Drive
865-946-1162 (o)
865-946-1109 (f)


Question Re: Knox County ACA Ordinance

Hello Commissioner McKenzie,

I live in East Knoxville.
We have a lot of pets kept outdoors in my neighborhood.

Neighbors read with interest the news about the Knox County ACA sponsored ordinance that passed with support from Jeff Ownby.

I’ve tried to find the ordinance as passed but I’ve been having trouble.

This editorial has some details about the ordinance, but no link:

The Muni-Code Library for Knox County was last updated in March; I suspect it’ll eventually be published there:

In the meantime, have been readings of the proposed ordinance, but I have been unable to find any copies of the proposed / passed ordinance.

I read online that the motion for a reading in March was deferred to April; March is the most recent date available at <>.

Do you think you’d be able to forward an electronic copy of the ordinance as read / passed?

Note I’ve also CC’d Michael Grider with Mayor Burchett’s Office, just in case he happens to have an electronic copy.

Thanks for any help,


Mural being donated, location sought

Hi Valerie,

Tanner here – we met two years ago to talk about the Parkridge (6th Avenue) mural project.

I’m currently serving a second term on the Greenways Commission, so I think about greenways a lot.

So, when an opportunity for Knoxville arose concerning a mural installation being donated to the city, free of cost except for needing an installation site, I immediately thought of our city greenways.

For a few months, folks have been brainstorming possible sites from all across town. Private property, public property, etc.

Consensus seems to be it’s too hard to get a public property site, especially if the site belongs to TDOT.

My pet favorite idea was at the CHM University Commons site.

I tagged Deputy Director of Redevelopment Dawn Foster in on that idea, but I just had another idea that I wanted to run by you.

There’s a small retaining wall near University Commons on Third Creek Greenway.

I think it’d make a nice installation site; here it is in Google Street View:

I’m interested in it because I do not think the wall is owned or maintained by TDOT, and it seems to have a problem with graffiti that someone (City crews?) comes out and does maintenance. Part of the motivation for the 6th avenue mural project was to deter graffiti.

I’m now wondering if the wall belongs to the City and is maintained by Parks & Rec, and thought you might be the best person to ask.

The advantage here is the muralist would not need approval from TDOT if it’s not TDOT property – this was a major hurdle for the 6th Avenue Mural project.

If it belongs to the city, can you recommend steps to take for seeing about securing the site for installation of a mural highlighting the region’s unique biodiversity?

The proposed mural subject for Knoxville is the pink-mucket pearly mussel, a native freshwater clam.

I’m forwarding my earlier correspondence with Dawn Michelle Foster below, which has more background information on the project proposal and the muralist.



Tanner M. Jessel
Information Technology Specialist
Center for Renewable Carbon

The University of Tennessee
Institute of Agriculture
Center for Renewable Carbon
Mail: 2506 Jacob Drive
865-946-1162 (o)
865-946-1109 (f)

Reminder – Observation guides

I have set up a SEPARC Pinterest as "Parcpins"

We have the three main boards


Plus other, future blog entries.


It’s also probably possible to group animals on the boards, for example by state, ecoregion, or by what the specific project attracts / benefits.

This is a way to do a quick visual guide for our target species (observation guide) using other people’s images.

For example, here’s a five lined skink image and species account from Missouri:

I can add you by e-mail address to contribute pins, if you think Pinterest would be something you’re interested in.

I imagine Andrea will want to – please send me your e-mail address if you want to join in on the "pinning" and I will add you.

Also, if you do decide to join in on Pinning, be sure to check out some of the browser extensions and add-ons that will optimize your pinning (save time, effort).

Let me know if you have questions and happy pinning (or observing).


On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 12:53 AM, Tanner Jessel <mountainsol> wrote:

Hello All,

I have converted John Byrd’s "wetland" to format for the web,

I attached as PDF.

The formatting one one image looks weird in PDF form.

Unsure if that’d be different once it gets out of preview land…

This is a preview link but you can’t see it unless you are logged in.

This will be the short link for the wetland blog article:

Short Link for Rock Pile blog article:

Short link for the main introduction page (to be under "products" section of blog):

We just have the stick pile / brush pile to go for our three main features to be ready!

Brush pile should not be too hard to convert…


On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 7:40 AM, Drayer, Andrea N <andrea.drayer> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather. I am just checking in with all of you about the observation guides (email with google doc template below). Have any of you had the chance to tackle your sections? I know it is a really busy time of year and many of us are finishing the school year and/or starting field work.

I would like to attempt a conference call sometime in the next week or two to try to keep this moving along. Please try to finish your sections by the time of the conference call.

Here is the doodle poll link for the next two weeks. Please indicate your availability as soon as possible so we can nail down a time. I added a few later times because of field seasons since it may be difficult for everyone to make it during normal working hours.

I really appreciate all of the hard work you all have put into the project thus far and a lot of people and groups are very excited about the end product.



Social Media Call!


Tanner here (SE PARC webmaster / communications co-chair and web helper).

The social media protocol coming from PARC looks like an excellent tool for internal use.

SEPARC has been working on this issue from the opposite end of the issue, namely:

What the public can expect from SEPARC’s social media presence.

SEPARC’s draft of our public-facing "social media policy" might be worth discussing monday, as well.

Here is what we have in Google Drive to approve and post on Facebook / our blog, other SEPARC accounts as appropriate:

Once the Southeast PARC steering committee ratifies it, we plan to post it as a "note" on our Facebook page.

It’s also written to be relevant to our blog and other social media presences.

Along with expectations of social media consumers, we added a "code of conduct" for account managers, which I envision as providing an idea of what users can expect from SEPARC social media, a kind of compact of expectations.

Items so far include not posting locations of sensitive species to social media, not taking a political / advocacy position, and advising there’s no endorsement implied or otherwise to be interpreted from account activity.

I’m personally keen on committing not to post images of "traumatized animals" but the Steering Committee pushed back on that on the grounds of the educational value of road-killed animals, for example.

It looks like the social media protocol has a few ideas concerning a "code of conduct" or account manager expectations that we at SEPARC might have overlooked, specifically concerning copyright concerns. It might be a good idea to add a distinction between allowing "fair use" while disallowing "copyright infringement."

An example of "fair use" would be I recently posted three photos of "amphibian and reptile styled" Star Wars characters (including Yoda, a Dewback, and a Bounty Hunter) to SEPARC Facebook to capitalize on attention to Star Wars Day (May the 4th).

This post inspired visions of notoriously litigious LucasFilm LTD. calling SEPARC out, but ultimately I felt posting the images fell within "Fair Use" provisions of copyright law as for illustrative purposes of reptiles and amphibians inspiring science fiction pop-culture icons.

Infringement, on the other hand, would be re-distributing copyright protected works like the highly popular video about Hellbenders, "The Last Dragons" by Freshwaters Illustrated, using our own video gallery on Facebook.


On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 11:39 AM, Williams, Jennifer <jen_williams> wrote:

​Yes, here you go:

​Dial (toll-free): 1-866-763-0272
Participant Code: 9737983#

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 9:06 AM, Valorie Titus <valorie.titus> wrote:

Hello all,

For our call on Monday 5/11 at 5PM Eastern, I have attached the draft social media protocols to review. We have a few things to add in there, but this is what I have so far.

This call is basically to get to know each other a bit and discuss the future of PARC social media. I will turn the protocols into a Google Doc after we discuss a few things. No need to put comments or edits on it yet.

Jen or Priya, could we please use the PARC conference call number?

Thanks to all!


Valorie R. Titus, PhDAssistant Professor
Natural Resources Management
Green Mountain College
Office: (802) 287-8328

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Valorie Titus <valorie.titus> wrote:

Hello to all!

I would like to schedule a conference call soon so we can all touch base and discuss social media and PARC. I would like to hear from each of you how you see your pages (Facebook and Twitter, at least) fit in to the mission of PARC and what we all can do to increase the visibility of PARC in all regions. I would like to have a general discussion on this and the social media protocol draft during this call, as well as the habitat in focus campaign.

Once we have a call time set, I will send an agenda with the protocols to everyone as a Google doc, so we may all make some edits and open it up for comments.

I know it’s field season and getting to the end of semesters, but I’d like to get this started and make some use of our social media intern’s time 🙂 I would like to have quarterly calls to make sure we’re on the same page (see what I did there?). Also, please let me know if I’m missing someone.

Thank you all!


Valorie R. Titus, PhDAssistant Professor
Natural Resources Management
Green Mountain College
Office: (802) 287-8328
*Please change to this email as my mail contact email

Help save the bees!


I just got a bee kit to help make my garden safe for bees.

Bees are in trouble, but you can help.

Get your all-in-one bee-friendly kit from Friends of the Earth:

TV, Couch Dumped on Side of Adams Ave

Mr. Moyers and Mr. Jensen:

A brown armchair has been dumped on Adams Avenue for 6 months now since I reported it to 311 in January, 2015, and each month thereafter.

There are tires dumped in lots on Adams Avenue since 2011 that I reported to:

  • 311 via phone in September 2012
  • Codes Enforcement via e-mail on April 2, 2013 (see attached)
  • 311 via e-mail February 6, 2014 (see attached);
  • 311 March 6 via e-mail, 2014 (see this thread);
  • 311 May 8 via e-mail, 2014;
  • 311 March 31 via e-mail, 2015;
  • 311 via phone April 6 2015 (ref #9740, #9742, #9744)

The lots on Adams Avenue with tire dumps and the brown chair have repeatedly been "found in violation;"

A lot crew is sent out repeatedly;

And yet the job of removing all the tires (or the brown armchair, for 2015) is never completed.

What will it take for lot crews to do the work needed to remove the tires that have been there for three years now?

Plus the brown armchair that’s been there since January?




REI Connection to Discover Life in America: Honing the Message

Todd – so glad to hear there’ll be an inventory. We need to know what’s there so we can protect it better.

Nolan –

I noticed an article today that illustrates my message for REI about creating new customers with citizen science – check out this passage:

Jasmyn Hill had been attending the same charter school in Southeast Washington for five years before she ever ventured into the woods that surround the campus.

“I had no idea what was in there,” said the 16-year-old junior with long turquoise nails and waist-length braids. She described herself as “not really the type who goes camping.”

But the city kid joined a “Green Team” at her school, and she now spends afternoons taking walks in the woods to learn about what lives there. She also helps set up cameras to record the wildlife. The experience has kindled an interest in environmental science, she said.

Here’s another recent article of interest speaking to the message I’m trying to communicate to REI (emphasis mine):

“This also dovetails with popular movements promoting health benefits of outdoor recreation, so managers could promote wellness benefits of wildlife recreation and get conservation benefits in return.”

Key point to "wildlife recreation:" people are buying, using, and wearing out gear to enjoy this consumer lifestyle & market.

Cabelas, Gander Mt., Bass Pro Shops are all competitors for sales of outdoor gear with REI – but they tend to focus specifically on the "hunting" market and lifestyle.

By supporting for biodiversity science, REI has an opportunity to capture and identify with the "biodiversity" market – a big tent that hunters, birdwatchers, herpers, wildlife photographers, and other fans of the natural world can share in calling their own.

This is the message I hope to bring to REI nationally – but I do want to keep including you at the local level as I hone the message.

Financial support from our local REI could really make a difference.



On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 4:38 PM, Todd Witcher <todd> wrote:

Thanks Nolan
I still believe DLIA and REI are s good match so hopefully Tanner will have some success.
We are working with UT and Legacy Parks to do a Bioblitz this summer in the Urban Wilderness.
Another great opportunity for sponsorship,

Handoff to new Block Rep Coordinators


I just added those on this list who are also on the Nextdoor site as "leads."

Lead features:

I’m planning on using the site’s invite service to send postcards via snail mail to neighbors on my block inviting them to join.

I’m interested in this because I can add a customized 500 character message.

Mine will probably say something like:

"I’m your neighbor, Tanner on Olive St. Do you know we have a community group for our neighborhood? Safety & beautification are two ways we’re stronger together. Will you add your voice to ours? Connect online or in person: 6:30 PM, 1st Monday of the month at Cansler YMCA on 5th Ave @ Jessamine. Know someone needing help with Internet access? Call (877) 848-2810 or visit​​"

That’s 391 characters of allowed 500 (count includes spaces)

Also for leads – probably worth looking at starting an Internet access campaign.



Tanner M. Jessel
Information Technology Specialist
Center for Renewable Carbon

The University of Tennessee
Institute of Agriculture
Center for Renewable Carbon
Mail: 2506 Jacob Drive
865-946-1162 (o)
865-946-1109 (f)

Ozark Automotive Destroying City Sidewalks

Ozark Automotive Distributors created a driveway connection at


Although the surrounding neighborhood is zoned residential 1-A,

They’re running tractor trailers through R-1A out Glenwood to the traffic light at Washington.

The tractor trailers can’t make the turns and they’re fouling up the sidewalk at the driveway making a left turn onto Glenwood, and at Glenwood and Washington making a left turn onto Washington, in front of the Church.

The sidewalk in front of the church now has a giant ditch / tire rut next to it, which I can imagine an elderly person easily falling off of and breaking something. (Happened to my grandmother, incidentally on the sidewalk outside a church).

Ozark Automotive needs to stop running tractor trailers through a residential area and use Nichols to take a right on Cherry, then get on the Interstate at Rutledge Pike.

Or, they need to compensate the city for the damage they’re causing by taking the "shortcut" to the Interstate through a residential neighborhood.





KGIS Maps – Print – Letter Landscape.pdf