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2015 Challenge Grant for CBD Mural

Hi Roger,

Sorry to hear CBD missed the Sept. 18 application date for the "challenge" grant.

My thinking was a successful challenge grant would mitigate costs for a slightly more ambitious project covering the entire wall (~2628 square feet, gross estimate), a figure quite larger than the project size you’d suggested (500 square feet).

That’s what was accomplished with the Sixth Avenue Greenway Underpass Mural, which used a challenge grant to mitigate costs.

Because painting the entire wall benefits everyone, I’d like to suggest CBD inquire with the Parks and Rec department concerning the possibility of submitting a late application for the community challenge grant.

I am tagging in Joe Walsh on this e-mail thread if you would like to pursue that idea.

Parks and Rec is his department; he is the director.

I’m not sure what other city departments beyond Parks and Rec would provide input on any prospective design, since the wall "belongs" to Parks and Rec.

Possibly the public works department would be involved. Dawn Michelle and Joe might be able to advise you on that.

I’m confident a lot of people will be excited to see your artistic vision sketched out.

Concerning my estimate of 2,628 square feet:

At present the mural site is temporarily closed for utility work (natural gas pipeline).

The wall is shown on the county geographic information system, though.

So, I made you a map from the GIS data showing the wall is approximately 219 feet in length.

My rough guess is 20 feet on each terminal end slope downward toward the ground.

Other than it’s consistently a height of 12 – 15 feet, if I can venture another rough guess.

The utility work supposedly wraps up this month.

If you need exact dimensions on the height sooner, possibly the top of the wall is not fenced off and I can measure from the top down.

If it helps, here’s the "street view" again.

You can see the entire length forms a concave shape created by individual sections, creating something like an "IMAX" theater experience – a compelling reason to paint the whole wall, if possible.

Let me know if I can do anything more to help.