Neighborhood stats for H-1


The smallest geographic area for the census is called "block groups."

There are three block groups within the overall census Tract 67. One of the block groups is outside our neighborhood, mostly South of Magnolia.

This leaves two block groups we’re interested in.

From this page, there’s a YouTube video on how to get data for a block group:

The census created a data access tool using Microsoft Excel.

I tried to get the block group data using the tool, but I don’t think the tool works with the Mac version of Microsoft Excel.

I can try a Windows computer at the UT library, however:

I’m sharing it now in case anyone with a Windows computer / Windows version of Excel wants to try.

I have the boundary files for the block groups already, I just don’t have the table data with all the interesting data points that Lynne mentions.

I have a strategy in mind for collecting data about specific parcels within the proposed H1 extension (whatever that may be); the strategy is outlined in this blog post.

What I need to make it work are the specific blocks / areas proposed for the H1 extension, so that I can get the specific addresses of potentially included properties.


On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 1:57 PM, Lynne Sullivan <hiwarch> wrote:

Hi, All,

Some of us talked informally about getting some statistics for the neighborhood regarding rental vs owner-occupied properties. The thought was to get an idea of whether the property owners in an expanded H-1 would be mostly landlords or homeowners. I realized that we could get estimates of these data from the 2010 census (the most recent one taken). The data are online.

I was able to get stats for Knoxville Census Tract 67, which includes all of Parkridge and a narrow strip on the south side of Magnolia to McCalla. I think we could get block coverage which would exclude the area across Magnolia. Tanner, maybe you can figure out how to do that. I have found how to do so previously, but had no luck today.

In any case, the stats for Tract 67 are likely fairly representative of Parkridge. Here are the numbers:

Total housing 1735 units
Occupied 1354
Renter occupied 899
# of tenants 1879
Owner occupied 455
# of residents in owner-occupied 1027
Vacant properties 381

So, there likely are twice as many rentals in our neighborhood as there are owner-occupied homes. This means that it is mostly landlords who would be required to comply with H-1 designation. We have not heard much from that group of property owners at the H-1 meetings even though they have been contacted.

Just FYI, other types of stats about the neighborhood can be pulled from the census, including education, income, age demographics, and race.



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