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Parkridge / Magnolia Corridor / Woodbine “Neighborhood Greenway”

Something I’d like to suggest for a Magnolia corridor development plan is a Woodbine Avenue “Neighborhood greenway.”  Woodbine is a low volume residential corridor connecting Caswell Park to Chilhowee Park and the Knoxville Zoo.  There are already street signs highlighting the route.
However, there is not a direct tie-in from the Caswell Park Greenway to Woodbine, and there one dangerous crossing at the intersection of Woodbine and Cherry Street.
Neighborhood Greenways are very popular in Portland, Oregon as “residential streets with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where bicycle and pedestrians are given priority.”
A neighborhood greenway would be very easy to accomplish – essentially adding markings on the pavement, traffic calming to deter motor vehicle thru-traffic, clear signage, and improved crossings.
Here’s a link to Portland’s page –
Traversing historic Parkridge and Park City, Woodbine is the ideal thoroughfare for Knoxville’s first “Neighborhood Greenway” to connect   Caswell Park and the Knoxville Zoo. The PCO has already expresssed interest in making the neighborhood more accessible to cyclists – and hopes to have the Tour de Lights visit this year.  A neighborhood greenway on Woodbine ​would be a great first step to a more bike-friendly Parkridge.