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Adding more SE-IBSS Webinars to YouTube?

Good afternoon Bill,

I noticed we have a page for "webinars" on the site:

It looks like the most recent webinars were uploaded on August 2013.

I wondered if you would mind if we uploaded webinars since that time to the IBSS YouTube account, so that we can post them on the Southeast IBSS Webinar page using the streaming video portlet SREF created for the other webinars already posted?

I realize this might impact your "native" viewership on / and thereby impact your usage metrics for the service.

However, I also think there’s the opportunity for broader exposure via YouTube, so perhaps it will balance out. YouTube also eliminates the "barrier to entry" of having special software, and allows users to view the webinar (or just parts of it) via mobile devices.

I took the liberty to upload one recent webinar (not publicly) and added descriptive text suggesting that if users want to receive credit with (the given agency/agencies), then they can visit (I should put

I also think it’d be nice to add a "clickable link" or "hot spot" to the video directing to the bioenergy portal – I’ve seen this done as a way to promote a product on other YouTube videos.

If you have the log-in credentials handy, the video I uploaded to YouTube is here:

Please let me know if you agree with my thinking on the value of adding these to YouTube and the Videos >> Webinars page.



Tanner M. Jessel
Information Technology Specialist
Center for Renewable Carbon

The University of Tennessee
Institute of Agriculture
Center for Renewable Carbon
Mail: 2506 Jacob Drive
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Presentation: Marketing Plan for NPS I&M Service Offerings

This presentation complements the  IS 553 Assignment 5 marketing plan for the National Park Service’s Inventory & Monitoring Program.

INSC 553 Assignment 6: Issue Paper, Department of Interior Web Application Collaboration

IS 553 Assignment 6 is an “state of the art” comparison of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s use of Web 2.0 technologies, contrasted with the U.S. National Park Service’s implementation. Discusses Fish and Wildlife Service’s use of collaborative “Landscape Conservation Cooperatives,” online mapping technologies, inter-agency data distribution collaborations, and future directions including social media engagement and training opportunities, along with major challenges.

INSC 553 Assignment 4: Designing Service Offerings

IS 553 Assignment 4 a service offering and marketing plan for the U.S. National Park Service’s Inventory and Monitoring Program. Includes review of environmental factors and the following proposed service offerings:

  1. Engagement of Constituency
  2. Tools and Visualizations
  3. Enhanced Collaboration

Includes marketing message, performance metrics and measures of success for each service offering.

Naturally Social: An Interview with Dan Ashe of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Thank you for registering for today’s InformationWeek live radio show at 3 p.m. ET: Naturally Social: An Interview with Dan Ashe of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
Here’s the link for today’s show:
We look forward to having you join us at 3 p.m. ET for our live on-air radio show and post-show community text chat.
I’m doing a paper on the “State of the Art” of services, feeds, and widgets, particularly Geographic Information.  Sent out a few tweets to see if I can track that down!

Volunteer Service to National Amphibian Conservation Organization Highlighted

Along with volunteering as the webmaster for SEPARC, I volunteer to help out with content management tasks for the national Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) web site.

Mostly, I post new job opportunities to the PARC jobs board. If jobs are particularly interesting or relevant to the Southeast, I’ll post them on the Southeast PARC (SEPARC) Facebook Page that I help manage, which then is linked to that organization’s Twitter.

This volunteer work not only helps out the animals, but helps me keep my HTML and social media skills up-to-date, and lets me add experience with the Joomla content management system to my list of skills.

Visit PARC’S website at! The website has been updated and new content has been added. In particular, see the new information under Resources, including a new Department of Defense PARC (DoD PARC) link regarding our new initiative with military instal- lation natural resource personnel to provide stewardship for threatened and endangered herpetofauna. You can also join our announcement listserv to stay up-to-date on PARC and partner happenings. Check it out! PARC thanks JD Willson (University of Arkansas) and Tanner Jessel (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) for their volunteer time to keep our website up to date and attractive, and to Brian Todd (University of California, Davis) for maintaining our listserv!

Read more about PARC in the 2012 Annual Report linked here <>.